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Discover a trusted source for books on cultural competence, working and living across cultures, diversity, training activities, multi-cultural studies, re-entry, country guides, Third Culture Kids, intercultural communication and many more. Start adding to your personal library today!

Intercultural Press is an affiliate of SIETAR USA, and provides books and other published materials to SIETAR USA members in good standing. Visit the Intercultural Press website (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, part of Hachette Book Group) to view the selection.

SPECIAL OFFER – 30% discount on 3 books or more ordered through the members-only site. Ten copies or more receive a 50% discount.

SIETAR USA members, login and visit the Members Only Discounts page to obtain the code to receive 30% off on purchases of 3 or more books as well as 50% off bulk orders of 10 or more copies.

One of the many benefits to being a valued member of SIETAR USA!

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