Dear Global Movers and Shakers,

HOT HOT HOT!!!! Although this maybe true for many of your cities around the country and the world during this 

month of August, I am actually talking about our upcoming conference. Let's put on our global lenses: In American slang saying that something is "HOT" means, it is extremely attractive or great, and that is exactly what our conference is going to be: "HOT"...but it will be "HOT, HOT, HOT" with you as one of our valuable attendees. Register now at

Do you know what else is HOT? Our volunteer team! From our hard working board members to our committee members (Communication,Conference, Mentoring, Ethics). SIETAR USA would not be there without our volunteers. WE WANT YOU! Join us: Board of Directors and committee positions available starting January 2017. Contact for more information.  

Wishing a wonderful "HOT" summer to your home from mine, the sunshine state (Florida, USA)

Patricia M Coleman
SIETAR USA President

Be An Early Bird!

Why wait until the last minute?  Register now to get early bird pricing and save money.  Click here to get started now! 

The future of SIETAR USA depends on its members to support its mission and to provide the leadership to guide the organization.  To that end, we are issuing the 2016 Call for Nominations for the Board of Diretos of SIETAR USA.  We invite you to become involved by nominating yourself or another candidate.  Click here for the nominations message and timeline; click here for a description of the open board portfolios.  All names must be submitted in writing by email by Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

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A Special Invitation 

Two of our wonderful Master Workshop presenters personally invite you to the 2016 SIETAR USA conference in Tulsa:

Synthesizing Intercultural, Diversity
and Social Justice Approaches
to Address Modern Global Challenges
Amer Ahmed

In Amer's workshop you will

  • Develop a grounding in foundational concepts in the U.S. Diversity and Social Justice field in relationship to intercultural approaches.
  • Explore practical applications and case studies that provide examples of how effective solutions to modern human challenges can be developed.
  • Consider how to create synergy within organizations in which these divides often exist.
  • Develop a resource group among colleagues and participants in order to support future implementation efforts after participation in the workshop.

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Neuroscience of Appreciation:
Breaking Through the Brain’s Base Instinct

Shannon Murphy Robinson


In her workshop, Shannon will help you to

  • Gain insight into the base instincts of the brain that directly feed into exclusion and polarization of others, and how we can learn to override and re-pattern them
  • Understand the importance of building and strengthening the positive brain to increase appreciation and understanding of differences
  • Learn strategies and tools to strengthen the brain’s ability to engage empathy, care and compassion across differences, even if they make us uncomfortable or are unfamiliar

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This month's critical incident is featured on the new SIETAR USA website blog, and we invite open comments from our members and guests as each question is posed.  The question is... 

As a diversity trainer, you have been approached
by a corporate client to facilitate an anti-xenophobic intervention.  You do not have an experiential foundation but rather a theoretical one.  Should you accept?


Click HERE to leave your comment

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Nominations Being Accepted

The 2016 Margaret D. Pusch Founders Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated commitment and service to the intercultural relations field.  (Click here to view the full criteria. Nominations will close September 30, 2016 at 11:59 pm eastern standard  time (NYC). Nominations should be emailed to

Members of any SIETAR around the globe are eligible for nomination for the award. Candidates must be nominated by someone other than themselves. The nomination requires support from a minimum of two other individuals who can speak to the individuals intercultural work and service. Nominations and supporting information must be provided in a written format.

The successful nominee will be notified a month prior to the SIETAR Annual Conference that will be held November 9-12, 2016 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. 

For questions please contact:

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Three brilliant speakers will offer us insights into the disconnection and polarization of people and places.  Their scholarship and lived experiences will enhance our knowledge and encourage our work.

November 10

Dr. Shakti Butler


November 11

Brenda Toineeta Pipestem


November 12

John (Jack) Condon

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Master Workshops

November 9

Our 2016 Master Workshops are organized into a 4-track framework.  Each track includes two coordinated workshops.  The 8 workshops relate to 4 themes:  (1) Diversity/Inclusion; (2) Consulting and Coaching:  Best Practices; (3) Trainig Design and Facilitation of Fames and Experiential Exercises; and (4) Insights into Polarization.

Click here to view the Master Workshops being offered.


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Why Tulsa?

Curious about Tulsa and why it was selected
for this year's conference? 
Click below to find out

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                                      Special Thanks to our Sponsors:


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