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October 18-21, 2017

Welcome from your Conference Co-Chairs, Sandy Fowler and Janet Bennett!
We invite you to join us in San Diego, CA where we will explore the theme:

Intercultural Stories of Disconnection:
Insights into the Polarization of People and Places.

Each of us works to bridge transformations caused by change. The system in which we live—boundaries, borders, nations—has accelerated change enormously, sometimes beyond human tolerance or comprehension. We are all involved somehow in this change: change of society, of organizations, of communities, of one person who wants to learn. And each change often puts into action unpredictable consequences, of which may we know little. Some changes amaze and delight; others, not so much.

Intercultural competence refers to the skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts. In the midst of global change, interculturalist educators, trainers, and researchers inevitably confront three questions:

“Why is intercultural competence important?”

We may be asked to justify the need for intercultural professional development. Responding requires reflection on the particular challenges in each of our cultures, challenges to inclusion and challenges to our identity. We need to welcome the stranger.

“What difference does it make?”

We are engaging transformation through our work, and people want to know the results—evidence-based, research results that support the work of Intercultural and D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) professionals. We need to demonstrate its value and that it works.

“Why Now?”

We are all experiencing rapid change in different ways that require understanding identity, bias, racism, inclusion. There are dramatically different ways to perceive and experience multicultural identities. We need to clarify the urgency.

Participating in the SIETAR USA conference can better prepare each of us to answer these questions that challenge the very foundations of our professional commitments.

In addition to sessions of general interest, there are three tracks for the 2017 conference:

    • Healing the Divides: Race, Ethnic and National Origin, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Immigrants, and Refugees Face Challenges in our Changing Times
    • Cultural Identity: Fresh Perspectives on Multicultural and Global Identity
    • Assessing Intercultural Competence: Measuring Transformative Culture Learning

Join us in San Diego for a conference designed to support you with stimulating thinking, inspiring insights, expanding skills and renewing commitments—we will work together to explore important questions and seek avenues of human connection.

The SIETAR USA national conference provides the space to:
    • Boldly engage in the difficult dialogues about what disconnects us
    • Bringing us closer to a shared understanding and empathy that such conversations and meaningful 
        connections may bring, and
    • Together explore concepts, tools, best practices – and perhaps even  solutions;
    • To bridge the gaps and move the field forward.  

Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification
Tulsa, OK, Nov. 12-14, 2016

SIETAR USA is excited to offer a post-conference Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification Workshop in conjunction with Cultural Detective, from November 12 - 14, 2016.

Workshop attendees receive the Facilitator Certification Manual, Cultural Detective Series Guide, and personal-use copies of the full Cultural Detective package used in the workshop (both the facilitator and participant materials). In addition, they receive a one-month subscription to Cultural Detective Online, a 10% discount on Cultural Detective materials they purchase directly, a certificate of attendance, and the opportunity to be listed as a Certified Facilitator on the CD website.
Facilitator will be Tatyana Fertelmeyster.

For details:


The 2016 Presidential Election comes to its conclusion the day before we commence. With Tulsa, OK as the backdrop of the conference we have a unique opportunity to discover not only the People and Places of Tulsa, but also to learn the history of the cultural intersections and disconnections of US Americans and how they converged in Middle America. This location will serve as a perfect “middle ground” to unite us, to share our stories and explore the polarization, pitfalls and promises that cross-cultural contact can bring.

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